About the Maker

Hi! I am Cynthia! an army veteran and a mom of three. I began this business after going through a difficult time. I was desperate and knew I needed to be at home to give my kids the care they needed at the time. I clung to Romans 8:28 and had faith God would turn my test into a testimony.

I went back to school online to get my bachelor's degree, quit my full time job as a leap of faith weeks before 2020. It was then when the Lord spoke to me one night after prayer, what direction I was to go. It was there that the candle business plan was born and the research began. An obsession with candle and home decor led to finding out the effects of horrible ingredients many store-bought candles use, so my venture to finding a new clean, vegan and eco friendly alternative was born. When the world was shaken by YOU KNOW WHAT, I was sustained by candles, and was able to be home with my children. God used it all for good.

three years later, I am also a "stay at home" Homeschool mom. My dream to be present and give them my all came true. They are truly my WHY. To inspire my future generation, and for the world to know Jesus is and will forever be my mission. In my spare time I love to get lost in music or a good book, I enjoy exploring the outdoors or a good coffee place, and most of all spending time with my family. My first ministry.